Where is an Oracle when you need her?

She is not at the Temple of Delphi. You are she!

The only difference between you and the ancient Oracles is that you didn’t get sent to a Temple to live. You receive messages. To para phrase Wayne Dyer, We are all connected to source. The difference is how clean or corroded the connection. Sometimes these messages come in a song or in a dream or even a day dream. Your job is to watch and listen for them.

You may not have people traveling from all over the empire to ask you questions (thankfully), but you do have questions in your own world to answer.

Quick TIP If you have questions, write them down before you go to bed. Keep a journal by your bed for the answers that come at 3:00 AM!

What are your experiences with messages? Leave me a comment or send me a PM if that feels better to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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