What the heck is orgonite?

I am doing the finishing touches for the Healing Body and Spirit Expo this Saturday and Sunday. At this expo I am selling and speaking about orgonite.

What the heck is orgonite? Orgone generators (AKA orgonite) harmonize “bio-energy”, another term for Orgone, chi, ki, prana, life force, ether.

How the it is used?

Orgone devices produce an ambient, soothing, peaceful environment that is a catalyst for reiki work, meditation, deep REM sleep, lucid dreams, and a healthy, calming state that is crucial for our health and healing.

The many uses of orgonite

Here is a link to the presentation.

Want more info on this tool for change? Come on out to the expo March 9 & 10th in Kalamazoo! Can’t make it? Email or message me.

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