What do you mean I have to give a speech?

You mean, (gulp) in front of people? What will I say? What if I forget what I am supposed to say? Personally, I put off speech class until the last semester of my last year in college. I did NOT want to give a speech. I faced my fear and took the class, I had to graduate! AND it was the best thing I ever did. When I faced my fear, the fear turned into excitement!  I loved the teacher, Mr. Voss, who made the whole experience fun. I had a great time writing the speeches, practicing them in front of my mirror, then my daughter. I enjoyed being at the podium and having the floor. If any of you have this fear, face it! Here’s a link to work book to get you started on your path to writing and giving your speech!

P.S. here is an actual picture of me after I gave the speech in this work book. Notice, I am alive and smiling!

Best speech award at Toastmaster’s

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