Think big!

If you are looking for a sign, this is it!

Would you willing send your child to a coach or tutor that told them to think small because they will never achieve above that certain level? Why would you give yourself the same advice? No one knows their limit for achievement, so why waste time thinking small? There are many stories of businesses and inventors with little to no money that have attained great success. When JK Rowlling started writing Harry Potter, she envisioned 7 years of books, when Sam Walton opened the 1st  Wal-mart he set up an estate plan that ended up saving him more than $11 billion in estate taxes.    In order to achieve big success, you have to think big and act according to your big plans. No one has more time in the day and working harder doesn’t equal more results. Sometimes what seems impossible when you start is easier to accomplish than you anticipate. Big stands for greatness and living your best life.   This means different goals to each one of us, but the end result is a life worth living.

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