Sharpening the saw

In the book “7 habits of highly successful people” the seventh habit is sharpening the saw. The basic concept is you can’t cut wood with a dull saw. So work must stop to sharpen the saw. Easy enough to grasp the concept of keeping tools in good condition for best results. Applying this in your life requires attention to all four parts of you:
1. physical including exercise and stress management
2. Social and emotional including service and socializing,
3. Spiritual including clarifying your values and quiet time, and
4. Mental including reading and planning.

Take the time to take care of all four parts of you or time will take care of you. If you put off the rest, exercise and stress management now, you pay in the long run with health issues. Take the stairs, drink more water, have lunch with a friend, read engaging and uplifting books. When you come to the end of your life, do you want to say: I’m so glad I did or I’m so sorry I didn’t?

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