Community involvement and business impact

We are at the beginning of a new year when many fundraising groups has just finished a big push for year end giving. All the requests can be overwhelming, but showing appreciation is not just giving money or in kind donations, it starts as simply as showing gratitude. I’m grateful to live in the Blue Water Area because it is a gift of natural resources and generous people. Our community has walking routes and golf courses that are hard to rival. A historic downtown with buildings being reborn as mix of retail, restaurant, lofts and a boutique hotel. Draw bridges, river front golf courses and trails, lakefront parks all of these accessible to the public. Successful businesses know that success is dependent on providing great service and value. They also know that a large part of great service is showing employees and the communities they are VIP’s to you. The first and simplest way to show appreciation is to say Thank you. Its fast and it is free. I challenge you to take a moment today, stop and say thank you. In that spirit, thank you to my past, present and future clients.

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