Get out and get connected in community

After such a long winter I’m excited to say it is summer and the Blue Water area is open for business!
From Algonac to Port Austin there are music festivals, craft fairs, boat races, historic reenactments and
beaches. For those of us in seasonal businesses, summer is the time we make the majority of revenue
for the year. June and July are hectic and busy not only in our business lives but also in our personal lives
with all the weddings and graduations that compete for our time and attention. With that in mind,
make sure to maintain energy through the long summer days by taking time to rest and refuel, you can’t
drive a car on an empty tank, sleep and good food are your fuel! Remember the people in your life spell
love “time” so take the time is a walk on one of our many beaches or boardwalks. As a bonus for your
business, while you’re out enjoying activities or events you will be meeting the clients you serve, putting
your face and business in the top of their mind

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