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Clear the Air Kit

This is not a new age idea, clearing the air or smudging has been done for years all around the world.

Some great times to clear the air:

Clear the air medium kit
  • Your family is crabby(S)
  • You feel “off” (S)
  • You recently decluttered (S)
  • Someone in the house was sick (S)
  • You’ve had a fight in the house (M)
  • You’ve had visitors  (M)
  • Someone recently moved out (L)
  • You’re moving into a new home (L)
  • You want to sell your home (L)

Clear the air 1 page instructions for small and medium kits free download

Clear the air 5 step instructions free download

(Instructions download only, supplies not included)

Clear the air booklet for large kits and more info on clearing the air

Available Retail:
Main Street Boutique, 7266 Boynton Lexington, MI 48450 OR Cafe NOLA, Cafe NOLA, 5287 Lapeer Kimball, MI 48074

Special order: email at:

Kit contents:

(S)mall: Palo santo or Cedar wood 2 in, sweet grass, Quartz, Tobacco

M)edium: Palo santo or Cedar wood 4 in , sweet grass, Quartz, Tobacco

(L)arge: sage, Palo Santo or Cedar wood 4 in, sweet grass, Quartz, Selenite, Shungite, Tobacco, candle

*All sage smudge sticks and sweet grass sourced from a Cherokee Artist