Healing Circle:

Your  work/your  life  is   important.    People  need  you.  Make  sure  to  get  the  support  you  need.

On the 2nd Thursday of the month The Healing Circle, a non invasive spiritual group of love and enlightenment gathers at 1114 Gratiot Ave, Marysville, MI. Come with an open mind and heart. Meetings online until social distancing is over.

It took a lot of research and 2 years to heal myself. To help others on this path, I provide this circle as a forum to meet, share and grow a community of people who are on the healing path.

This circle is for you if…

  1. You are tired for settling for good enough with your health
  2. You have been searching for better health
  3. You want a community where you can share and learn