Change is an inside job…

So, I let go of my perfect plan and took an opportunity that seemed like it fell in my lap.
Keep in mind, my perfect plan was a lot of work, HARD work. In my head success=hard work. The perfect plan was a PLAN! I had action steps, systems, demographics, a routine. I kept my business business and my personal life personal. I had to change the story in my head to change the results I could see around me.

Though an interesting series of events: a chance meeting on a retreat, a small gift, sharing a cool tool with a friend – all the sudden I am invited to a sold out expo to sell and speak. A tool I wasn’t 100% ready to publicly promote to my business network, because it would mean making my personal beliefs public.

I had to let go of my fear of judgement to receive this opportunity. I had been really working hard to grow and network and attract that perfect client in my perfect plan. I was at over 40 events in 30 days, 3 of which I facilitated. I was exhausted! When I said yes, then the booth was not only added, I was able to get advertising and a speaking spot. When I said yes, the production and shipping process was put into place. When I said yes, the payment processing system, assistance with the booth, time to go and a 2 bedroom suite for the event showed up! When I said yes, my personal time and business time were fun and creative together. When I said yes, my family joined in instead of feeling left out.

What are you afraid of, that if you faced it would transform your life? Want to take this conversation further with guidance and support? Email or message me for a private qualification session.

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