Think big!

If you are looking for a sign, this is it!

Would you willing send your child to a coach or tutor that told them to think small because they will never achieve above that certain level? Why would you give yourself the same advice? No one knows their limit for achievement, so why waste time thinking small? There are many stories of businesses and inventors with little to no money that have attained great success. When JK Rowlling started writing Harry Potter, she envisioned 7 years of books, when Sam Walton opened the 1st  Wal-mart he set up an estate plan that ended up saving him more than $11 billion in estate taxes.    In order to achieve big success, you have to think big and act according to your big plans. No one has more time in the day and working harder doesn’t equal more results. Sometimes what seems impossible when you start is easier to accomplish than you anticipate. Big stands for greatness and living your best life.   This means different goals to each one of us, but the end result is a life worth living.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

In the words of Steven Covey, begin with the end in mind. I mean your literal end. I have 2 questions for you all today:

  1. Where are you going with your life
  2. how long do you plan living

The point of life is to live it, making memories through great experiences, growing and contributing along the way. When I first started planning for retirement 15 years ago, average life expectancy was 88 for women and retirement age was 65 so that meant I had 20 good years of retirement to enjoy life, have adventure and really live. The last 3 wouldn’t be that great, so I had better build in extra money for full time care as I would out live my husband and wouldn’t be well enough to be independent.

Is that living? No, that is living to die!

I only have 2 goals for today:

1.To get you thinking about your age goal, how long you plan on living. 2. To give you some resources for planning your direction and destination

None of us are getting out of here alive, so I challenge you to take a hard look at where you want to go literally in destination and in years. If you don’t know how long your going to live, how are you going to ask for directions on how to get there?

For many people, the goal was to work for 30 years and retire and then start living the good life off the pension they earned. This is living to DIE, this is NOT living to LIVE! Now people are saying they must work until they die because pensions are gone and they didn’t save enough. Again, living to die. What is your purpose? What is your unique gift to share with the world? I promise you it is not to work until you die. There is so much more to this life than working and making just enough to get by. You are so much more than the job you do. You have a great gift that is your contribution to the world.  To move you down the path of getting clear on your destination. I have a question for you. What do you really, REALLY want? If you had all the money and resources you needed, where would you be and what would you be doing?

We all have a higher calling, our contribution to the planet. What is yours? It is more than the job we work at, the people we live with or the family we were born into. What is the unique gift that you have to share with the world? How do you have to grow to be able to contribute? If you are going to make a mighty difference in the world, how long do you have to live to do it? Do you have to make better food and exercise choices? You can’t change your life in 1 day, but you can change your direction in an instant by deciding.

This brings me to my 2nd goal, resources. I have a couple resources to leave with you today to help you along your journey.

One is the roadmap to reinvention which is basically a coach in a box. If you


2/20/18 6:00 pm BWACC

A second resource is a retreat. If you are not even sure what to do next and just want to completely transform your life a transformational retreat where you can focus on you and dive deep into transforming yourself in a balanced way.


A third resource is a seminar. If you can’t get away for a week long retreat, a day long seminar is great to get you started. Remodel your habits seminar on 10/13/18 in Port Huron.

If you or someone you know can use any of these resources or you have more questions, please contact me at or on Facebook @MariaWebbConsulting.

My 2 goals for today were to get you thinking with the your end in mind and to give you resources to help you on your journey. My wish for you is that you live such a full life, pouring out your purpose so fully that you die  empty.

What is your purpose?

What is your purpose? What gets you going and keeps you going through long hours and sacrifice? This question has been on my mind and on my heart for the last couple months. As I talk to colleagues, clients and friends I keep hearing the same message, we are struggling to get motivated, stay motivated. Life feels mundane, energy is in low supply, over dosing and suicides seem to be a weekly occurrence. It is everywhere, in every age group and occupation. Kids are discouraged, parents are out of energy, employees are disengaged, and those that are retired, both civilians and soldiers, feel they are without a mission. In other words, many feel they are not needed and have no great purpose.
If we are all looking for a purpose, how do we define our purpose? How do we define ourselves? Are we just someone’s child, parent, spouse, employee, or employer? We all have many roles, we are not just not the sum of our roles. We all have a higher calling, a reason for being on this planet. What is it? It is more than the job we work at, the people we live with or the posts we make on social media.
As a child, I grew up with a very large extended family. I have many aunts, uncles, cousins that I grew up visiting on a regular basis and even lived with at some point. I have always been connected, loved and guided. I’ve been expected to be respectful, responsible and model for younger cousins and siblings. When I have failed at being a good role model, I have pushed myself to get up and keep trying to improve, because I know I have brothers, a sister and many cousins watching me. Giving up has never been an option for me, because I know they were depending on me to show them the way. My point is, I have always been needed, I have always had a purpose – to show others how to persevere and provide tools and connections to them to keep going toward goals. When I fought, and rebelled against it, I have been dissatisfied and felt lost. When I work with it, doors open and miracles happen.
For many employees, the goal was to work for 30 years and retire and then start living the good life off the pension they earned. Now people are saying they must work until they die because pensions are gone and they didn’t save enough. So what is your purpose? I promise you it is not to work until you die. There is so much more to this life than working and making just enough to get by. You are so much more than the job you do, you are needed and you have a great purpose. If you are struggling finding your purpose, start looking for inspirational books and videos. Lisa Nichols, Michael Bernard Beckwith, John Maxwell and Bob Proctor are all fantastic.

Sharpening the saw

In the book “7 habits of highly successful people” the seventh habit is sharpening the saw. The basic concept is you can’t cut wood with a dull saw. So work must stop to sharpen the saw. Easy enough to grasp the concept of keeping tools in good condition for best results. Applying this in your life requires attention to all four parts of you:
1. physical including exercise and stress management
2. Social and emotional including service and socializing,
3. Spiritual including clarifying your values and quiet time, and
4. Mental including reading and planning.

Take the time to take care of all four parts of you or time will take care of you. If you put off the rest, exercise and stress management now, you pay in the long run with health issues. Take the stairs, drink more water, have lunch with a friend, read engaging and uplifting books. When you come to the end of your life, do you want to say: I’m so glad I did or I’m so sorry I didn’t?

Community involvement and business impact

We are at the beginning of a new year when many fundraising groups has just finished a big push for year end giving. All the requests can be overwhelming, but showing appreciation is not just giving money or in kind donations, it starts as simply as showing gratitude. I’m grateful to live in the Blue Water Area because it is a gift of natural resources and generous people. Our community has walking routes and golf courses that are hard to rival. A historic downtown with buildings being reborn as mix of retail, restaurant, lofts and a boutique hotel. Draw bridges, river front golf courses and trails, lakefront parks all of these accessible to the public. Successful businesses know that success is dependent on providing great service and value. They also know that a large part of great service is showing employees and the communities they are VIP’s to you. The first and simplest way to show appreciation is to say Thank you. Its fast and it is free. I challenge you to take a moment today, stop and say thank you. In that spirit, thank you to my past, present and future clients.