Balance – Living life from the whole

What an experience (retreat)!

After 11 days of traveling through 5 airports, 5 countries, 3 continents and landing on a desert island off the coast of North Africa I needed 6 days to get myself back in balance!

At the Fuertebalance experience retreat – Living life from the whole I learned about the inner balance of yoga and meditation, community balance,┬áhealthy eating options, sustainable living, and more! We traveled from the ocean to the mountain and volcano to sand dunes and back, exploring the landscape and meeting wonderfully talented and unique souls every where we went. This retreat taught me that there is no one specific way to the destination of health and live a long life, there are many little changes and constant evolution and learning about yourself along the way. I am looking forward to being this teaching to Michigan in May and September. More details to come!

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