Attitude of Gratitude

I have two magic words and an easy 2 step process to improve your business and your life, the words are so easy to pronounce that by kindergarten every child knows them: thank you. Saying thank you is the easy step, now the next step is a little harder, actually being thankful. I’m not talking about lip service or scripts, I’m talking about sincere gratitude. No one is solely a self-made success, everyone has a mentor, coach or leader who has helped them along the way. Even Einstein had a mentor who gave him the key texts to study and ate dinner weekly with Einstein to mentor him. Sam Walton had his father in law to loan him money to start his first franchise. For me, it is my family and my team, they have always been supportive and offer positive feedback. With this in mind, take a minute to write down 10 things or people you are thankful for, then say thank you to the people who have made your success possible. Do this today and you will have a better day, do it every day and you will have a better life. Here is a blank form to get you started!

Gratitude list blank

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