Are you willing to keep choosing?

One day, I made a choice to get a business degree. Based on that choice, I decided I had to be professional, serious, practical and by the book. In other words, I had to fit in the “business box.” So I took all the classes, got good grades, graduated from a good business college and went to work for a huge international company with lots of promotion potential. Everything that I was taught to do in school, I did. I kept making career choices based on the path to success I was taught in school. I was getting the same results: fatigue and frustration. So I kept making choices until I eventually chose to start my own business.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: once you make a choice, you can keep choosing. You don’t just choose 1 time and then never choose again. Every day when you get up, you choose to make your bed or not. You choose to eat healthy, or not. You choose to exercise, or not. You choose to go to that same job, or not. No one forces you. You choose to have a life you want and do the work you need to keep that life, or not.

Insanity is making the same choices and expecting different results

So, back to my “business story.” I kept making choices, but that were based on fitting into the “professional business box” I had created with the 1st choice of my degree so they didn’t create much change. I didn’t take opportunities because I judged them not professional enough or not mainstream enough. Then I got a message from a past client who has become a friend, telling me to call ASAP, it was urgent. I called her right away. She asked me “Are you sitting down? Because you better sit down before you fall down” She had gotten me invited a as a vendor selling orgonite (link for info) for a Mind and Body Healing expo where the vendor tables were already sold out. At first I thought, that’s nice, but I don’t make the orgonite. I use it and I have helped create the order and deliver process for it, but I don’t belong as a vendor at a Mind and Body expo. Business expo, trade show for realtors those I have done. Those fit in the “business box.”

On the phone with Tracey that day, I made a different choice. I chose to step out of my ” business box story.” I had been hiding all the other abilities that weren’t ” main stream business” related. Instead of just attending the show and selling a product as a favor for a friend and feeling weird because of the venue, I decided to see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to showcase the product as a tool I use in my business, how I use it and how I assisted the friend, who is now a client in expanding his passion into his business.

My question to you is: what are you making wrong about you that if it were right would transform your world? And everything that is keeping you from making it right, will you let it go?

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