Changing the world one family, one home, one neighborhood at a time. 


Empowering  you to make your home “feel good”  by connecting you to tools and resources to so you can move on or move in.


I believe change starts at home and changing the way your home “feels” changes your world. I believe we are all connected, that changing your world changes the world around you. 

Company Backstory

Over the last 25 years I have built a strong and varied business background in large corporate to small business in logistics, medical, education and real estate. The underlying theme in all I have done is empowering people to help them succeed. This is what it is all about: empowering you to make your home “feel good” so you can move on or move in. 

I enjoy a great cup of coffee, finding adventure and learning. I graduated from SC4 with an AS and AA then transferred to Walsh college in Troy for a BBA and then a MBA . I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2.  I live in Lexington with my husband and younger children.


  • 1994 to 2009 founder Maria Webb had a variety of management and teaching experience as a US Customs and Broder Protection broker, medical office manager and adjunct college instructor
  • 2009 Maria Webb left professional work as office manager and adjunct college instructor to stay at home with infant children
  • 2012 Maria Webb opened Maria Webb Realty, LLC
  • 2013 Maria Webb joined KW and grew real estate business
  • 2017 Maria Webb started personal growth and health journey with meditation, alternative medicine and founded Maria Webb Consulting, LLC a coaching and consulting company
  • 2018 Maria Webb facilitated 1st holistic destination retreat, school board mindset and business mindset training
  • 2020 Maria Webb wrote and published 1st book “Coaching Over Coffee” and combined Maria Webb Realty with Maria Webb Consulting 

Maria Webb, Foundering Member


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