Change is an inside job…

So, I let go of my perfect plan and took an opportunity that seemed like it fell in my lap.
Keep in mind, my perfect plan was a lot of work, HARD work. In my head success=hard work. The perfect plan was a PLAN! I had action steps, systems, demographics, a routine. I kept my business business and my personal life personal. I had to change the story in my head to change the results I could see around me.

Though an interesting series of events: a chance meeting on a retreat, a small gift, sharing a cool tool with a friend – all the sudden I am invited to a sold out expo to sell and speak. A tool I wasn’t 100% ready to publicly promote to my business network, because it would mean making my personal beliefs public.

I had to let go of my fear of judgement to receive this opportunity. I had been really working hard to grow and network and attract that perfect client in my perfect plan. I was at over 40 events in 30 days, 3 of which I facilitated. I was exhausted! When I said yes, then the booth was not only added, I was able to get advertising and a speaking spot. When I said yes, the production and shipping process was put into place. When I said yes, the payment processing system, assistance with the booth, time to go and a 2 bedroom suite for the event showed up! When I said yes, my personal time and business time were fun and creative together. When I said yes, my family joined in instead of feeling left out.

What are you afraid of, that if you faced it would transform your life? Want to take this conversation further with guidance and support? Email or message me for a private qualification session.

Are you ready for a change?


Are you ready for a change? Not sure what to do next but you are ready, willing and seeking whatever you have to do to get better results? Notice I did not include “able” because you are always able.  I had been ready, willing and seeking something different professionally for years, but never found anything but hard work and burn out.

The tipping point for me was when I started feeling sick and tired, every day. That is when I went from settling for “good enough” to asking “what’s it going to take for me to have the life I want?” I started looking for a holistic approach to my health and found a  chiropractor who suggested I look for a less stressful business as I walked in a ball of tension for adjustments. Life is unpredictable, once I started asking “what’s it going to take” it lead to more questions and letting go of having the perfect plan.

This lead me to a questioning what was the common theme of everything I had done professionally? What did working in a variety of fields including import manager, medical office manager, college instructor, real estate sales and investment have in common? All of these have a common theme of continuously setting and reaching goals for myself and helping others to do the same. That is when I made the career shift from real estate to coaching.  I  started collaborating with others in my network who were motivational speakers and coaches, set up a  LLC and facilitated my 1st international experience retreat 90 days later, ReModel Your Habits, ReModel Your Life. 


I had a specific client in mind:  female, 35-55, professional looking to grow a new or existing business. These are the clients that showed up for the retreat, these were the clients in my comfort zone.  This retreat is where I was gifted my first heart shaped pocket size orgonite from a shaman, Gregor Kocijancic. It was the last days of the retreat and I was leaving for home in the next day. When I held it, I could feel the electrical energy. I asked what it was, he wasn’t there to explain. The others said it was for putting by cell phones or WiFi routers to keep the radiation waves from bothering you while you sleep. I thought there must be more so I started seeking more info. The seeking led to more change.


Gregor sent me info on the plates he makes for using to clean food and water. I wanted to test it, so I ordered a plate. I specifically asked for a plate to use for food, water and meditation. At this point, I still wasn’t 100% sure what this tool was, but I wanted it. I ordered four more of the small hearts and 1 large plate. I started using the plate with avocados and tomatoes and noticed they were staying fresh longer. Then I started experimenting with putting a glass of  water on it and it tasted better. My daughter  put it under her bed and had the best sleep she had in years. I used this for over three months before I shared it with my energy healing groups.



Once I started seeing more and more results, I decided to get over my fear of judgement and share the plates with a healing group.  Although these ladies were in my target market for coaching and I was willing to sell coaching services to them, I unintentionally  sold 5 custom orgonite orders that night.  I had no intention or any contract to sell, Gregor was not even my target coaching client. I only an openness to share. All I knew was this was a product people were ready, willing and seeking to buy. This was the classic “see a need an fill it”  so I began coaching on  the online ordering and import/export process as all orders he had been one at a time and hand delivered. This client who I was not seeking intentionally, came in my path because I was ready and able with a unique background:  import/export, health and wellness, sales and teaching.

What in your path is seeking you that you ready and able to seize? And are you willing to let go of your perfect plan to seize it?



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Are you willing to keep choosing?

One day, I made a choice to get a business degree. Based on that choice, I decided I had to be professional, serious, practical and by the book. In other words, I had to fit in the “business box.” So I took all the classes, got good grades, graduated from a good business college and went to work for a huge international company with lots of promotion potential. Everything that I was taught to do in school, I did. I kept making career choices based on the path to success I was taught in school. I was getting the same results: fatigue and frustration. So I kept making choices until I eventually chose to start my own business.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: once you make a choice, you can keep choosing. You don’t just choose 1 time and then never choose again. Every day when you get up, you choose to make your bed or not. You choose to eat healthy, or not. You choose to exercise, or not. You choose to go to that same job, or not. No one forces you. You choose to have a life you want and do the work you need to keep that life, or not.

Insanity is making the same choices and expecting different results

So, back to my “business story.” I kept making choices, but that were based on fitting into the “professional business box” I had created with the 1st choice of my degree so they didn’t create much change. I didn’t take opportunities because I judged them not professional enough or not mainstream enough. Then I got a message from a past client who has become a friend, telling me to call ASAP, it was urgent. I called her right away. She asked me “Are you sitting down? Because you better sit down before you fall down” She had gotten me invited a as a vendor selling orgonite (link for info) for a Mind and Body Healing expo where the vendor tables were already sold out. At first I thought, that’s nice, but I don’t make the orgonite. I use it and I have helped create the order and deliver process for it, but I don’t belong as a vendor at a Mind and Body expo. Business expo, trade show for realtors those I have done. Those fit in the “business box.”

On the phone with Tracey that day, I made a different choice. I chose to step out of my ” business box story.” I had been hiding all the other abilities that weren’t ” main stream business” related. Instead of just attending the show and selling a product as a favor for a friend and feeling weird because of the venue, I decided to see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to showcase the product as a tool I use in my business, how I use it and how I assisted the friend, who is now a client in expanding his passion into his business.

My question to you is: what are you making wrong about you that if it were right would transform your world? And everything that is keeping you from making it right, will you let it go?