Goodbye 2018!

Like a tough class I’m glad I stuck with and passed, I’m happy to move on! I had to keep reminding myself that this was a year of lessons and transformation not torture and struggle. Many people I have talked to have said the same. Has this felt like a year your best plans went wrong? Or have you felt like this struggle has pushed you to grow?

Time to write your story!

You choose how you see your life. Is it a life of futile struggle or hard won success? Chose to write your story of your life the way you want it. Are you writing a horror story or an inspirational movie? You chose.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Opportunity…

I had an interesting opportunity come up this week. It was completely unexpected and not quite what I am used to doing. In the past, I would have seen it as interesting, but not for me. This time I asked myself “how is this for me?” (More info to come!)


many doors-opportunity-knocking

What opportunities are knocking for you? 
What doors open if you ask  yourself “how this is for me” instead of saying “that isn’t for me.”

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What if being selfish was a good thing?

Is being selfish a bad thing? Who is selfish? The one who takes care of themselves OR the one that EXPECTS you to take care of them? It is a matter of perspective.


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