Time for an upgrade!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas shopping is in full swing. Everywhere I look, there are ads for upgrades. Upgrade your phone, TV, car. So I thought why not upgrade your New Year’s resolution?   For example, instead of saying “I will stop smoking” and by January 3, you are back to the old habit.  How about saying  “I will replace smoking with chewing gum.” The truth is, smoking is a habit and you can’t just quit a habit or it will be replaced by a worse one (stop smoking = start eating) unless you replace the habit with a better one. Everything you do is a habit from self care to work and beyond.  Want more tips on upgrading your habits? Call or message me.

Wishing without a plan = fantasy.
A plan + action = Upgrade to success!

Let go!

Let it go! As we are going into the holiday season and we are surrounded by family, friends and others that are “a mess,” that just “need your help”  please remember.

You can’t get sick enough to make anyone else well. You can’t get poor enough to make someone else rich. You can not lead from behind, you have to take care of yourself to be a good leader. Consider this, why is it  selfish to take care of yourself and NOT selfish for someone else to expect you to take care of them?

My challenge to you is to let it go. Let go of the worry, the control and the story. Let it go and take care of yourself before you go to save anyone else. If you need more sleep, sleep. If you need to exercise, exercise! You can’t pour from an empty cup!