Trash or treasure?

My eight year old son is always looking for treasure when we go out for walks. This got me thinking of the old saying. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In “The Millionaire Mind,”   1,300 millionaires were surveyed and there was an over riding theme: they started their business by finding a need, filling it and creatively keeping costs low. One of my favorite examples is turning the trash fabric scraps on the cutting room floor to the treasure of a profitable product: gun cleaning patches. I attended an economic conference discussing a new type of fuel plant in Sarnia that is producing biofuel from corn stalks and cobs. Not the kernel that is edible, the stalks and cobs that have always been left behind as trash. Finding opportunity like this takes looking at life and situations differently and asking yourself what here holds value? Whether it is corn stalks, cow manure, paper, plastic bottles I challenge you to look at the world around you with the eyes of value and opportunity and when opportunity knocks answer the call.