Think Bigger!!

Think big, what does this mean? How do you know if you are thinking big? Here are four tips from the bestselling book “The one thing” :

  1. A rule of thumb is whatever your goal is, double it. If your goal is 10, think how do I reach 20?
  2. Don’t order off the menu. To quote Apple’s 1997 Think differently campaign:, Einstein, Hitchcock and Gandhi thought differently and  “people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the only ones who do”
  3. Act boldly: thinking without action accomplishes nothing. Imagine what your best life looks like. Can’t imagine it? Research the people who are successful. Success leaves clues, what are the habits of success?
  4. Don’t fear failure. Extraordinary results are built on failures as well as results. When you fail, stop and ask what worked and what didn’t, learn from your mistakes and grow. The biggest successes had big failures on the way: Ford, Lincoln, Edison.  Failure is part of learning and ultimately success.

Need help getting from thinking about goals to actually achieving BIG goals? Click here or email for more info. 

Attitude of Gratitude

I have two magic words and an easy 2 step process to improve your business and your life, the words are so easy to pronounce that by kindergarten every child knows them: thank you. Saying thank you is the easy step, now the next step is a little harder, actually being thankful. I’m not talking about lip service or scripts, I’m talking about sincere gratitude. No one is solely a self-made success, everyone has a mentor, coach or leader who has helped them along the way. Even Einstein had a mentor who gave him the key texts to study and ate dinner weekly with Einstein to mentor him. Sam Walton had his father in law to loan him money to start his first franchise. For me, it is my family and my team, they have always been supportive and offer positive feedback. With this in mind, take a minute to write down 10 things or people you are thankful for, then say thank you to the people who have made your success possible. Do this today and you will have a better day, do it every day and you will have a better life. Here is a blank form to get you started!

Gratitude list blank

Get out and get connected in community

After such a long winter I’m excited to say it is summer and the Blue Water area is open for business!
From Algonac to Port Austin there are music festivals, craft fairs, boat races, historic reenactments and
beaches. For those of us in seasonal businesses, summer is the time we make the majority of revenue
for the year. June and July are hectic and busy not only in our business lives but also in our personal lives
with all the weddings and graduations that compete for our time and attention. With that in mind,
make sure to maintain energy through the long summer days by taking time to rest and refuel, you can’t
drive a car on an empty tank, sleep and good food are your fuel! Remember the people in your life spell
love “time” so take the time is a walk on one of our many beaches or boardwalks. As a bonus for your
business, while you’re out enjoying activities or events you will be meeting the clients you serve, putting
your face and business in the top of their mind

Spring is blooming and events are booming!


From the Canary Island, back to the Blue Water Area

Lorrie flew in last week from the Canaray Islands and we have been on the move ever since. We have over 16 events to attend, with several we are co hosting. Lorrie is co founder of Remodel International and Fuertebalance (the retreat I just returned from on the Canary Islands).

Clintondale High School 10th Grade – Leading the young leaders!

It was a pleasure to co lead the capstone class of Thinking Into Results with  Mike Ward’s amazing Psychology & Sociology class. Fantastic to hear all the excellent achievements putting ‘Thinking Into Results’ to work over the year. Presented Mike with 15 Stories One Bob (Lorrie’s featured in it) AND got to review Mikes new teacher workbook that published & recently LAUNCHED!! Keep Going!!! 




Upcoming events

2 locations and dates to choose from: May 12 in Clintondale and May 19 in Lexington.
6 Ways How-To Turn Dis-Satisfaction Into A Good Thing!
What if there is a way?
What do you really really want? Are you tired of just settling?
Do you know there is more to life, though no idea how to get there?Huge goal or dream fulfilled and looking for Where To From Here?
Are you struggling to get your team all focused to the greater goal?Getting to the core of what is stopping you is the ONLY WAY to get there.
Includes: Buffet lunch, Workbook & Worksheets, You2 book, Additional Resource Materials
Link to Event Details…
*Profits from Clintondale Event go to Project Dragon-Media Center



Leadercast 2018

Leading the leaders and teaching the teachers! Thank you Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce for hosting! Thank you to all the generous sponsors Remodel International, WGRT, Radio First, EBW,, Double Tree Hilton, Chef Shells, Applebees, Rix Rooftop, Hungry Howies, Waterfront Deli, Sperrys, Buscemis, Great lakes Italian, Center for Collaboration, Maria’s Web, Woman’s Life making this event possible!